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Wine city of Trier

Trier as one of the largest-growing communities in the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, the classic Riesling growing area, is considered the cradle of German wine culture. Everything about Germany´s wine culture, tradition and history finds its origin in Trier.

The association of vintners Olewiger offers especially to all wine lovers and those who want to be the "Trier Wine Trail", a special walking route.

Starting near the Roman amphitheater to learn about 1600 m in length on "Sights and strange" and the cultivation of the vine of life.
Along the way you receive information on notice boards over the many varieties of vines, climate and soil conditions, such as the Devonian shale typical of the Moselle, which has a high heat storage capacity and thus favors the microclimate of the vineyard.
In every season you will experience the special charm of the landscape, for example in the winter time when the vines are cut, in spring when the ground is plowed or when the youn shoots are tied up in summer.
You will get to know the variety of the winemaker´s work in the vineyard, types of education, direct and pulley systems, new systems, fertilization up to the grape harvest, when as the culmination of the fruits of labor of a whole year to be retracted.

But then the real work begins, the grapes must be processed quickly, the must maintained and the fermentation has to be monitored, and even here you will have the opportunity to gain an insight:

After an hour you will come to an end of the wine trail in the wine village of Trier Olewig where you are expected at the cellar at one of the vintners association Trier Olewiger. You will learn everything about mash, or racking Oechsle before you can then enjoy yourselfthe wine, tasting the characteristics of various types.

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