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Banquet room Mosel 1 & 2

The rooms Mosel 1 and Mosel 2 are divided by a mobile partition that can be opened if necessary.

  • Timeless furnished, classic banquet rooms with carpeting
  • Whether family celebration, anniversary or Christmas party. the ideal space for all events
  • We will gladly provide you with a menu or buffet according to your ideas
  • For champagne reception we welcome you in the lounge, in the room with high tables or on the adjoining terrace
  • White or champagne - choose the color of your table linen
  • To the occasion equitable decoration we care
  • An air conditioning system ensures even on hot days for a pleasant indoor climate
  • Live or dance music, to 22.00 clock everything is permitted
Seating options:
  Mosel 1& 2 Mosel 1 Mosel 2
Block   40 persons 40 persons
U-shape   40 persons 40 persons
10 persons tables 120 persons 70 persons 50 persons
Panel   35 persons 35 persons

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Mosel 1

Mosel 2



Mosel  Mosel  Mosel  Mosel