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Agenda 21

“Think globally, act locally” – that is the guideline of Agenda 21, signed by 179 countries in 1992. Every individual can help to secure the livelihood of future generations.

Therefore we are not only a member of Lokale Agenda 21 Trier e.V., but work energetically to support the organization – by “greening” our rooftops and installing solar panels, saving raw materials, and contributing to a better micro-climate (honored by an environmental prize). Moreover, we support direct marketers; that means we prefer regional agricultural products, because apple juice need not be transported around half the globe and because it tastes better from the apple tree.

Furthermore, our working atmosphere is exceedingly important to us. Motivation begins with an appreciation of our employees’ talents. We are proud of the abilities of each member of our staff and promote his or her further development through schooling and continuing education. And from all this benefit our guests – you can look forward to special service.

Here you can watch in real time the output of our solar system: